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2. ORDERING:  On orders over $50.00, CALL COLLECT, station-to-station, within the continental USA.
3. PRICES:  Subject to change without notice.

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Please send a list of items which you are seeking but do not see listed in our catalog. Our sizable stock prohibits us from advertising our entire inventory. Our autograph inventory consists of persons in virtually every field of interest. In the event that we do not have the specific item that you desire, we will attempt to locate the item and notify you when it becomes available.

We would like the opportunity to make an offer on any autographs that you wish to sell. Please use our fax number for rapid transmission or mail us photocopies or send a detailed description of your items for sale.


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Burks Autographs Order Form



1 HARRY S. TRUMAN (President) 1884-1972. One-page typed letter signed (first name only) on United States Senate stationery. The letter is dated May 13, 1935. Truman writes:  Appreciate very much your letter of the Tenth, with the clipping from the Kansas City Times, which was a little bit premature so far as the Missouri set-up is concerned. If you have read Friday and Saturday’s papers you will know by this time what Clark and I have in mind. I do not think you should be unduly alarmed. Sincerely, Harry. The letter has the normal folds and some slight aging but overall is in fine condition and suitable for display…sold

2 HARRY S. TRUMAN (President) 1884-1972. One-page typed letter signed (first name only) on United States Senate stationery. The letter is dated July 2, 1935 and reads as follows: I certainly appreciated your letter of the thirtieth instant very much, and I would like immensely to see an employment set-up in Missouri on en efficient basis. There isn’t a reason in the world why it can’t be on an efficient basis, and still take care of your friends, just as you say in your letter.  I had an interview here in Washington, which I think probably cause the difficulty in the home office. There are all scared to death of what may happen to them as a result of the things that have been done, and since Clark and I are together on the situation, there is not much chance of going around us.  (Signed) Harry.  The letter has fine content and, other than the normal folds and some very slight aging, is in fine condition…sold

3 MUHAMMAD ALI (Heavyweight Boxing Champion) Superb 16X20 signed color photo. The photo was obtained during a private signing and then nicely framed to strict museum standards.  This is an outstanding display piece…749.00


4 HARRY S. TRUMAN (President) 1884-1972. One-page typed letter signed (first name only) with a two-line handwritten postscript.  The letter is on Unites States Senate stationery and is dated March 3, 1936. The letter reads: I appreciate very much your note of March 1, and I was morally certain that Mr. Stephens would not resign.  Sincerely Yours, Harry.  Truman has added a two line handwritten postscript that reads: Thanks for your work at Jeff City on Feb. 22.  The letter shows some minor aging and has the normal folds; otherwise, it is in fine condition…sold

5 JOHN WAYNE (Actor) 1907-1979. Signed photo of Wayne framed in a cowboy motif.  This is a very attractive framed photo is would make a superb display piece…sold


6 HARRY S. TRUMAN (President) 1884-1972. One-page typed letter signed (in full) on United States Senate stationery.  The letter is dated July 11, 1935 and reads as follows: Thanks very much for the clippings from the Star mailed from Excelsior Springs, and also the telegram regarding the situation at Jefferson City.  The thing is now in a state where I think it will be possible to iron it out for the best interest of all concerned. I am working on it. Sincerely, Harry S. Truman.  The letter has the normal folds; otherwise, it is in fine condition and perfect for display…sold


HARRY S. TRUMAN (President) 1884-1972.  One-page typed letter signed (in full) on United States Senate stationery. The letter is dated December 10, 1936 and is written to William Kirby, Acting Veterans Placement Representative in Kansas City, Missouri.   The letter reads:  I am enclosing herewith copy of letter which as been written to your friend, Mr. Herman A. Weiter of St. Louis, which is self explanatory. I hope it will be possible for the Washington office to reassign him in the near future. Sincerely yours, Harry S. Truman.  The copy of the letter mentioned by Truman is included with the letter.  There is one staple in the upper left hand corner and a few smudges at the bottom of the letter (far from the content and signature). The letter has the normal folds and, other than the staple and smudges mentioned, is in fine condition…sold



8 HARRY S. TRUMAN (President) 1884-1972.  Set of signed memoirs (Both books have been inscribed and signed.).  The books are inscribed to Paul Henning, a Hollywood writer and producer.  Henning wrote for such shows as The Burns and Allen Show, The Dennis Day Show and The Andy Griffith Show.  He is probably best remembered for creating the television series, The Beverly Hillbillies (1962), a sitcom based on his experiences camping in the Ozarks near Branson, Missouri.  Henning also wrote the music and lyrics for the theme song, The Ballad of Jed Clampett.  Henning grew up in Independence, Missouri and met Truman when Henning was a teenager working in a drugstore.  Truman advised him to become a lawyer and while Henning did attend the Kansas City Law School, his real love was singing and writing.  Only one book is signed.  The set of signed memoirs is in fine condition and both books come with dust jackets.  The set of signed memoirs…395.00

9 JOSEPH CONRAD (Author) 1857-1924.  Signed book: Notes on My Books.  This is a limited edition hard cover copy (127/250) and was printed in 1921 by Doubleday, Page & Company of New York.  The book has been signed on the limitations page. There is some separation of the first two free end pages along the hinge and some scattered toning and mild soiling to the front end back boards. Overall the copy is in fine condition and would make a great addition to any collection.  Conrad is considered by many as one of the great novelists working in English and many of his books have been converted into films (Lord Jim, The Secret Agent, Heart of Darkness, and The Rover)….sold


10 [JOHN QUINCY ADAMS] (President) 1767-1848.  Lithograph dated 1861 by Johnson Fry and Co. of New York measuring approximately 8x10.   The image is based on a painting by Chappel. There is a printed signature of Adams at the bottom. The piece is printed on woven paper and would make a great display piece. The corners are tacked to a card; otherwise, the item is in excellent condition…49.00

11 [THE PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES]  Lithograph dated 1842 that shows portraits of the first ten presidents of the United States.  The lithograph was published by Charles A. Wakefield of Boston and measures approximately 18x13.  The piece is heavily toned with abrasions, chipping and some small tears.  Nevertheless, this is still a stunning display piece…sold

12 GEORGE W. BUSH (President).  Signed hard cover copy of his book, Decision Points.  The book and dust jacket are in mint condition. Bush has signed the book on the inside title page…149.00

13 GEORGE W. BUSH (President).  Approximately 7x4, signed Presidential Campaign bumper sticker.  The bumper sticker has been signed in black felt tip pen and then framed with a color candid photo of Bush on the campaign trail.  The piece is in great condition and would make a great display piece…sold


14 WILLIAM ALLEN WHITE (Newspaper Editor-Politician) 1868-1944.  Inscribed, signed hard cover copy of his book, Calvin Coolidge, The Man Who is President. The book shows some wear to the spine and some aging on the inside pages but, overall, is in fine condition. The inscription reads: For Mr. and Mrs. Paul Miller from Mrs. Howard Dunlop with Christmas greetings from W. A. White, Emporia, Kansas, December 1925.  White gained national attention with his scathing attack on William Jennings Bryan, the Democrats in general, and the Populists.  White won a Pulitzer Prize in 1923, and his editorials from the Emporia Gazette were reprinted through out the country…sold

15 CHRISTO (Artist). Signed hard cover copy of Christo by Dominque Laporte. The book contains photos and explanations of Christo’s art.  The book and dust jacket are both in mint condition.  Signed by Christo on the inside title page…sold

16 JUSTICE HARRY BLACKMUN (Supreme Court Associate Justice) 1908-1999.  Signed Supreme Court card.  Blackmun has dated his signature, 20 November 1992.  Blackmun is probably best known for authoring the courts decision on the 1973 case of Roe vs. Wade The signed card is in mint condition. …sold

17 JUSTICE ELENA KAGAN (Supreme Court Associate Justice) Signed Supreme Court card.  The signed card is in mint condition…sold


18 JUSTICE RUTH BADER GINSBURG (Supreme Court Associate Justice) Signed Supreme Court card.  The signed card is in mint condition and comes with a certificate of authentication from Global Authentication. Ginsburg no longer signs autograph requests…sold

19 JUSTICE DAVID H. SOUTER (Supreme Court Associate Justice) Signed Supreme Court card. The signed card is in mint condition…sold

 20  JUSTICE LEWIS F. POWELL (Supreme Court Associate Justice) 1907-1998.  Inscribed signed 3x5 card. Powell has penned: For ----, with best wishes, Lewis F. Powell Jr.  US Supreme Court, 1992.  The signed card is in near mint condition…sold

21 [RONALD REAGAN] (President) 1911-2004.  Approximately 6 ˝ x 8 ˝ inch oval smoked glass plate. The plate has the following embossed in gold: Aboard Air Force One   Ronald Reagan.  The Presidential seal is embossed in the center, just below the embossed words.  This is a great display piece and is in mint condition…sold

22 GERALD FORD (President) 1913-2006. 8x10 color inscribed signed photo showing Ford posing next to an American flag. The photo is printed on lightweight paper and has been inscribed and signed by Ford on the lower, 2 inch white border.  The signed photo is in mint condition…sold

23 ALBERT SABIN (1906-1993) & JONAS SALK (1914-1995) (Medical Research).  Lot consists of two, individually signed 3x5 cards. Both signatures are nicely centered and would make a great display. The pair…sold


24 JOHN SNYDER (Secretary of the Treasury under Truman) 1895-1985. Lot consists of two items. The first is a one-page typed letter signed on Snyder’s personal imprinted stationery, dated October 28, 1963.  The letter reads:  It is with great pleasure that I learn that your donation to the Restoration Program of the Presidential Coin Collection which was taken from the Harry S. Truman Library in Independence, Missouri, last December has been accepted.  President Truman and I are both grateful for your interest and generous response.  As evidence of my appreciation I am enclosing an autographed One Dollar Silver Certificate issued during The Truman Administration.  (The signed one dollar bill is included.) Snyder was appointed to the post of Secretary of the Treasury in 1946 by his friend, President Harry Truman (They had served together during WW I).  The two items…sold

25 MARGARET MEAD (American Cultural Anthropologist) 1901-1978.  Signed, inscribed hard cover copy of Blackberry Winter, My Early Years by Margaret Mead.  Both the book and dust jacket are in near mint condition.  Mead has added the date, 1974 below her signature…sold

26 MAURICE & YVONNE CHEVALIER (French Actor, Singer and Vaudeville Entertainer) 1888-1972 & 1899-1996.  Included is a vintage postcard size photo showing Maurice and Yvonne Chevalier.  The card has been signed by BOTH.  Also included is a one page TLS from Yvonne on the imprinted stationery of Maurice Chevalier. The letter is dated April 22, 1931 and reads in part: I do not expect to play in Films over here and of course it would not do to play in the same one as my husband because I have a very pronounced French accent and for two of us to be the same would rather take the novelty off one or the other. The letter has been signed only by Yvonne. The original mailing envelope is also included.   Maurice and Yvonne were married from 1927 to 1933. The three items have been nicely framed and make a superb display.  Due to the size (approximately 22x26) shipping will run approximately $40.00.  This is a great display piece…125.00



27 CARRIE NATION (Temperance Advocate) 1856-1911. Very rare. Lot consists of a SIGNED, complete issue of her news publication, The Hatchet. The paper was printed on June 1, 1906 in Guthrie, Oklahoma and the cover featured a half page portrait of Nation holding a bible.  The cover and last page contain a scathing article entitled “To Governor Hoax of Kansas.” Nation has boldly SIGNED in ink above the masthead, Carry A. Nation, a spelling that she adopted for use as a slogan.  Nation briefly lived in Guthrie where she published The Hatchet (started in July of 1905).  A few years later Nation moved the publication to Washington, DC and it is believed that 1908 was the last year of the publication.  The Kansas Historical Society does not have a signed copy and to the best of my knowledge, this is the ONLY SIGNED COPY KNOWN…2950.00




28 JOHN DOS PASSOS (American Novelist and Artist) 1896-1970. Lot consists of a signed, numbered three-volume edition of U.S.A. (The 42nd Parallel, Nineteen Nineteen and The Big Money). This set of three books is considered by most as his major work and his feelings shown in the books reflect his pessimism concerning the political and economic direction of the United States.  This is the first fully illustrated edition and is signed by both Dos Passos and the illustrator, Reginald Marsh.  The three-volume set is in near mint condition and comes in the original box of issue.  The box does show damage and is separated in several areas but could be repaired if so desired.  This set is number 326 out of only 365 specially printed sets…sold

29 JOHN WAYNE (Actor) 1907-1979. Cut signature framed with a photo of Wayne.  The framed signature makes a very attractive piece and is ready to display…795.00


30 [THE WIZARD OF OZ]  Lot consists of approximately 20 to 30 strands of hair from the lion costume worn by Bert Lahr worn during the filming of the 1939 classic, The Wizard of Oz.  Included with the hair is a copy of a one page letter from autograph dealer Marshall Bean dated June 8, 2001 that reads as follows:  To Whom it May Concern: During the summer theatre season, 1954-55, Bert Lahr was in a play “Visit to a Small Planet” at the Kennebunkport Playhouse in Kennebunkport, ME. It was during this time that I met Mr. Lahr. I drove him around the area and provided him with good Maine Seafood.  In return for these favors Mr. Lahr gave me some hair from his “Oz” lion’s costume. Respectfully, Marshall E. Bean. The strands of hair and the copy of the letter from Mr. Bean…sold

31 DAVID BERKOWITZ (Son of Sam).  Two-page (two sheets, one side only) autographed letter signed dated 3/19/94.  The letter has numerous religious quotes and speaks of the other inmates who are dying from years of drug abuse.  The letter is signed “David B.”  Berkowitz was known in the media as The Son of Sam and at one time claimed that he was commanded to kill by a demon who possessed his neighbor’s dog…sold

32 1981 UNCUT SHEET OF 32 1$ Federal Reserve Notes from the Boston Federal Reserve. The uncut sheet of 32 notes bears the printed signatures of Donald Regan as Secretary of the Treasury and Angela Buchanan as United States Treasurer.  The sheet is in mint condition and will be shipped in a tube…149.00

33 [GEORGE H.W. BUSH] (President) Golf ball with Bush’s name imprinted on the side, just below the color Presidential Seal. The golf ball comes in the original black, Titleist box that bears a facsimile signature of Bush on the side.  The two items…sold



34 WALLY SCHIRRA (Mercury 7 Astronaut) 1923-2007. 8x10 color inscribed signed NASA photo showing Schirra in a suit and tie posing next to a rocket. The photo has been attached (glued) on the top of the verso of the photo to a mat board for display purposes.  The photo is signed in ball point and is dark and bold. Schirra has penned, Best Wishes Collins, a capital innkeeper, Wally Schirra…65.00

35 DEKE SLAYTON (Astronaut- Mercury 7) 1924-1993.  Signed 3x5 card.  The signature is nicely centered and would be a perfect example for display.   Slayton was grounded early in his career due to a heart murmur but was later cleared for flight and flew as the docking module pilot of the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project.  At the age of 51, he became the oldest person to fly into space. This record was surpassed many years later when John Glenn, another Mercury 7 astronaut, went into space on STS-95 at the age of 77…49.00

36 JOHN GLENN (Mercury Seven). Original inscribed signed program for a luncheon honoring the First Anniversary of the United States Orbital Flight of John Glenn.  The program has several creases but fortunately none touch Glenn’s inscription or signature.  This is a nice vintage example of Glenn and a perfect example for display…sold


37 GEMINI 6 (Wally Schirra and Tom Stafford).  Beautiful 11x14 color photo of the space capsule in orbit next to spacecraft 7.  The photo has been attached to a 16x20 mat and then signed on the mat by Schirra and Stafford.  The item is inscribed, below their signatures, To Collins Bird, with best wishes and many thanks for all of the hospitality.  The mat shows some aging and discoloration due to improper display. There is also some water damage to the bottom of the mat, just below the inscription.  Most of the discoloration and water staining could be matted out if so desired.  Despite the problems with the mat, this is still a desirable item and good display piece…sold

38 APOLLO 15 (Dave Scott, Jim Irwin and Al Worden).  Stunning 11x14 photo showing either Scott or Irwin on the moon next to a lunar rover.  The photo has been attached to a larger 16x20 matt. On the lower portion of the mat the three astronauts have all signed and the following inscription has been penned: To Collins with best personal regards from Apollo 15 and many thanks for your hospitality and continued interest and support in the exploration of space. Sept 8, 1971. There are numerous small ridges in the photo, probably due to the method used in attaching the photo to the matboard; otherwise the photo, mat and signatures are in great condition.  This would make an outstanding display piece.  The entire inscription and signatures are dark and bold…495.00

39 JOHN GLENN (Astronaut-Mercury 7). Inscribed signed 3x5 card.  The card is in mint condition and suitable for display. Glen was the first person to orbit the earth and the third American to go into space…25.00

40 GUS GRISSOM (Mercury Seven Astronaut) 1926-1967. 8x10 color inscribed signed NASA portrait photo showing Grissom in a suit and tie.  Grissom was one of the original 7 Mercury astronauts. He was the second American to fly in space and the first NASA astronaut to fly in space twice.  Grissom was killed during a pre-launch test for the Apollo 1 mission at Cape Canaveral along with Ed White and Roger Chaffee.  The photo has been attached (glued) at the top of the verso of the photo to a mat board for display purposes.  The signed photo comes with PSA/DNA authentication papers. The PSA papers identify the photo as being a magazine photo but in my opinion this is a photo used by NASA for Grissom’s use when he answered requests for a signed photo…sold


41 ALAN SHEPARD (Mercury 7 Astronaut-Apollo 14) 1923-1998.  Outstanding 11x14 color photo showing the American flag on the moon.  The photo has been attached to a 16x20 mat board and then inscribed and signed by Shepard on the lower white mat.  Shepard has penned: To Collins Byrd, whose rates are as far away as this flag but who is a most genial host! Alan Shepard.  He has added: The moon 2/5/71 (referring to the day Apollo 14 landed on the moon.) below the photo. The mat, signature and inscription are in outstanding condition and would make a superb display piece…sold

42 APOLLO 10  (John Young, Gene Cernan and Tom Stafford).   A 7x9 color photo showing the three Apollo 10 astronauts in their space suits, standing in front of the rocket that would take them into outer space. The photo has been attached to a 10x12 mat board and then inscribed and signed by the crew on the mat.  At the top is penned:  To Collins – The host with the most.  On the side is written The Apollo X crew and on the bottom of the mat the three astronauts have signed.  There is some very slight fading to the photo, but the writing and signatures are dark and bold. Due to the size some of the outside white margins were cut out of the scan but the actual items is nicely centered and a nice example…sold


43 S. DAVID GRIGGS (Astronaut) 1939-1989 Signed cover.  Griggs has added Space Shuttle Pilot below his signature.  Griggs died in 1989, when the vintage WW II plane he was flying crashed… sold

44 APOLLO-SOYUZ TEST PROJECT.  A 10x14 color photo showing the lift off of the Apollo rocket.  The photo has been attached to a 16x20 mat and then inscribed at the top of the mat and signed on the lower portions of the mat.  The inscription reads: To Collins Bird, with our Sincere best wishes. The Apollo-Soyuz Crews.  On the lower mat all five crew members (3 American and 2 Russian) have signed.  The five astronauts are: Tom Stafford, Vance Brand, Deke Slayton, Alexei Leonov and Valeri Kubasov.  There is some discoloration around the outer edges of the mat but most, if not all could easily be framed out.  This is an outstanding signed piece and would make a great display piece…sold

45 APOLLO-SOYUZ TEST PROJECT.  A 7x9 color print of an artist rendition showing the American and Russian space crafts docking has been attached to an 11x14 matt. At the top of the mat is penned:  To Collins Byrd, with my best wishes from the Apollo-Soyuz Crews.  On the lower mat the three American crew members and both Russian crew members have signed. The five astronauts are: Tom Stafford, Vance Brand, Deke Slayton, Alexei Leonov and Valeri Kubasov.  The entire piece is in great condition and would make a superb display piece. Due to the size the inscription at the top is not shown…sold


46 [SPACE SHUTTLE STS-51-D].  Signed cover honoring the STS-51-D shuttle flight.  The cover is postmarked from the Kennedy Space Center on April 12, 1985 (day of the flight) and has been signed by the entire 7 member crew: Karol Bobko, Donald Williams, Rhea Seddon, Jeffery Hoffman, Charles Walker, Jacob Garn (1st sitting member of Congress to fly on a shuttle) and David Griggs (deceased).  A scarce signed cover and this is a perfect example for display…sold

47 PRINCE SULTAN SALMAN AL-SAUD (Astronaut).  Signed cover honoring STS 51-G.  Al Saud is the first member of royalty to fly on a space shuttle, as well as the first Arab and first Muslim to fly on the shuttle…sold

48 FRED HAISE (Astronaut-Apollo 13). 8x10 color INSCRIBED SIGNED PHOTO showing the lift off of Apollo 13.  Haise has signed the photo and added Apollo 13 LMP below his name…sold

49 DICK GORDON (Astronaut-Apollo 12).  Lot consists of a SIGNED 3x5 card.  Gordon was the Command Module Pilot for Apollo 12. This is a great example and perfect for display…25.00

50 ELLISON ONIZUKA (Astronaut-NASA) 1946-1986. Signed cover honoring the space program. The cover is postmarked January 24, 1985 from the Kennedy Space Center. Onizuka died in 1986 when the Challenger exploded upon takeoff. A very desirable signed cover…99.00


51 JOHN GLENN (Astronaut-Mercury 7). Inscribed signed 3x5 card.  The card is in mint condition and suitable for display. Glen was the first person to orbit the earth and the third American to go into space…25.00

52 [SPACE SHUTTLE MISSION STS-41-B]. Signed cover honoring the five man crew of the Challenger flight STS-41-B.  The cover is postmarked from the Kennedy Space Center on February 3, 1984, the day this flight went into space.  The cover has been signed by the five crew members: Vance Brand, Robert Gibson, Ron McNair, Robert Stewart and Bruce McCandless.  After this flight McNair was chosen to be a crew member of STS-51-L which would explode upon lift off on January 28, 1986.  This is a scarce signed crew cover and is highly desirable…sold


53 [SPACE SHUTTLE MISSION STS-51].  8x10 color INSCRIBED SIGNED COLOR NASA PHOTO showing the five crew members of STS-51.  Those shown and having signed are: Frank Culbertson, William Readdy, Daniel Bursch, James Newman and Carl Walz. The inscription reads:  To Leo ---:8/17/83. Best wishes from the STS-51 crew… sold

54 BRUCE McCANDLESS (Astronaut).  Signed cover. McCandless had added “Captain, U.S.N., Mission Specialist, STS-11” below his signature…sold

55 [SPACE SHUTTLE STS-41-C].  Signed cover honoring the five member crew of the space shuttle launch, STS-41-C.  The cover has been postmarked from the Kennedy Space Center on launch day, April 6, 1984 and has been signed by the entire five member crew: Bob Crippen, Dick Scobee (Deceased-Challenger), Terry Hart, James Van Hoften and George Nelson. A scarce signed cover due mainly to the signature of Dick Scobee…sold


56 DR. EUGENE SHOEMAKER (American Geologist-One of the Founders of the Fields of Planetary Science-NASA) 1928-1997.  Signed cover honoring the Apollo XII flight. Shoemaker has penned: Eugene M. Shoemaker, Principal Astrogeologist for Field Geologist Investigation.  While Shoemaker is best known as the co-discover of the Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 he was also prominently involved in the Lunar Ranger missions to the moon and in the training of the Astronauts. He was a possible candidate for an Apollo Moon flight and was set to be the first geologist to walk on the moon but was disqualified due to being diagnosed with Addison’s disease.  Shoemaker went on to help train astronauts during field trips to Meteor Crater and Sunset Crater near Flagstaff…sold

57 [SPACE SHUTTLE STS-51-A].  Signed cover honoring the STS-51-A flight. The cover has been postmarked from the Kennedy Space Center on November 8, 1984, the day STS-51-A went into space. The cover has been signed by the entire five man crew: Rick Hauck, Dave Walker, Joe Allen, Anna Fisher and Dale Gardner…sold

58 KENNETH BOWERSOX (Astronaut).  Inscribed signed cover. Bowersox flew on a number of missions including STS 50, STS 61, STS 73, STS-82, STS-113 and Soyuz TMA 1. He was the commander aboard the International Space Station for an extended time in 2002 and 2003.  A very desirable signed cover…sold

59 [SPACE SHUTTLE STS-41-D].  Signed cover honoring STS-41-D. The cover has been postmarked from the Kennedy Space Center on August 30, 1984, the day of the launch and has been signed by the entire 6 member crew:  Hank Hartsfield, Mike Coats, Mike Mullane, Steve Hawley, Charles Walker and Judy Resnick (Deceased-Challenger).  A scarce signed cover and a great example for display…sold


60 [SPACE SHUTTLE STS-51-C].  Signed cover honoring the Space Shuttle program. The cover has been postmarked from the Kennedy Space Center on January 24, 1985 (Launch date) and has been signed by the entire five member crew: Tom Mattingly, Loren Schriever, James Buchli, Gary Payton and Ellison Onizuka (Deceased-Challenger).  A scarce signed cover…sold


61 RON McNAIR (Astronaut-Challenger) 1950-1986.  Signed cover honoring the Columbia flight. McNair died on January 28th, 1986 when the STS-51-L (Challenger) exploded. He has added “Space Shuttle Mission Specialist STS-11” below his signature. The cover is in mint condition…sold


62 [NASA ASTRONAUTS] (Pilots who have flown on Shuttle Missions). The following list of single signed NASA covers are priced at… sold

63 SCOTT CROSSFIELD (Test Pilot) 1921-2006.  8x10 black and white INSCRIBED SIGNED PHOTO showing Crossfield standing next to his X-15 plane. Crossfield died in the crash of his Cessna 210 in route from Maxwell Air Force Base (due to turbulence)…39.00

64 500 HOME RUN CLUB  (Baseball)  I am pleased to offer a nice set of 22 individually signed professional major league baseballs, each signed by a different member of the 500 home run club.  Included in this set are the following names:  Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Ken Griffey Jr., Alex Rodriguez, Sammy Sosa, Jim Thome, Frank Robinson, Mark McGwire, Harmon Killebrew, Rafael Palmeiro, Reggie Jackson, Manny Ramirez, Mike Schmidt, Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Willie McCovey, Frank Thomas, Ernie Banks, Eddie Matthews, Gary Sheffield and Eddie Murray.   Each ball has been certified by either PSA/DNA or JSA.  This is a great set of signed baseballs and makes a superb display. The set of 22 individually signed baseballs…4500.00

65 500 HOME RUN CLUB (Baseball) This group is similar to number 64 but contains a total of 24 signed baseballs. The set has all the names listed in number 64 but two additional signed balls have been added to the group. The two additional baseballs have been signed by Albert Pujols (currently at 445 home runs) and Vladimir Guerrero (currently at 449 home runs).  While there certainly is no guarantee, these two players have the best chance, and should join the 500 home run club within the next two years.  The set of 24 signed baseballs…4850.00

66 HARRY S. TRUMAN (President) 1884-1972.  One-page typed letter signed (first name only) on the imprinted stationery of the United States Senate dated July 19, 1935.  Truman writes, Appreciate your telegram of the Seventeenth and I am of the opinion that Stanley Mathewson and Annie Lockett had better stay in Cincinnati. I do not know what happened to the Holliway matter.  I sincerely hope the employment set-up in Missouri may be worked out to the satisfaction of both of us, although it is in a terrible muddle right at the present time. Sincerely, Harry.  The letter has been superbly tripled matted with a Life magazine cover from September of 1955 showing Harry and Bess Truman standing in front of their home in Independence, Missouri.  The heading of the magazine reads: Beginning in this Issue, The Truman Memoirs, “The Most momentous” first 18 Days.  The letter has the normal folds; otherwise, it is in fine condition. The overall size of the matted piece is approximately 22x30.  A shipping charge of $30.00 will be added due to the size…sold


ADAM WEST (Actor).  8x10 black and white SIGNED PHOTO showing West in character as Batman from the 1966-1968 television series, Batman.  The signed photo has been framed and can be shipped either framed, or unframed…sold

68 CAPTAIN VERNON SMITH (Blimp Pilot), deceased.  Signed cover honoring the christening of the U.S.S. Akron (Blimp) in Akron, Ohio on August 8, 1931 (cover is postmarked August 8, 1931). The cover has been signed by Capt. Vernon J. Smith. Smith was a Navy Pilot who flew Blimps for both the Navy and for Goodyear.  When Smith retired in 1962 he had 41,000 hours of flight time in blimps. Smith joined Goodyear’s school of engineering in Akron, Ohio in 1924 as part of Goodyear’s first blimp pilot class. In 1939 Smith left Goodyear to help the US Navy train lighter than air pilots at Lakehurst, NJ. After war, Smith rejoined Goodyear in 1949.  Included with the signed cover is an article and picture of Smith that was published in April of 1981. There is a note with the cover that Smith signed the cover on June of 1981 when he was 82 years old.  A scarce and desirable cover, and a very desirable signature…89.00


69 VINCENT PRICE (Actor) 1911-1993. Signed 3x5 card.  Included with the signature is an unsigned 8x10 photo film still of Price. The two items…49.00

70 LEN DAWSON (Professional Football- Hall of Fame).  Great vintage 9x11 inscribed signed vintage picture showing a young Dawson throwing a pass while with the Kansas City Chiefs.  Dawson and the Chiefs played in the first Super bowl against the Green Bay Packers. He later led the Kansas City Chiefs to victory against the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV.  Two thumbtack holes in the bottom margin. This is a very nice early signed picture and perfect for display…sold

71 STEVE REEVES (Actor & Bodybuilder) 1926-2000.  8x19 black and white signed publicity photo showing Reeves in his role as Hercules.  There are some corner and edges creases but, overall, in fine condition…79.00

72 STEVE REEVES (Actor & Bodybuilder) 1926-2000.  8x10 black and white signed publicity photo showing Reeves in swimming trunks at the beach.  A few minor creases in the photo and priced accordingly at…49.00


HARRY S. TRUMAN (President) 1884-1972 One page typed letter signed (first name only) dated December 6, 1935 on the imprinted United States Senate stationery. Truman writes in part: I appreciate very highly your letter and telegram regarding Sydney Stephens. Of course I will be most happy to help in any way I possibly can. Harry.
There is a pencil notation at the bottom (in another hand) and the letter has the normal folds, otherwise the letter is in fine condition…sold



74 GEORGE DUNCAN & ABE MITCHELL (Golfers).  Ink signatures of George Duncan (1883-1964)   and Abe Mitchell (1887-1947) on an album page.  Duncan has dated his signature 22/10/21. Duncan was a Scottish professional golfer. He won the Open Championship in 1920 and played for Great Britain in the Ryder Cup in 1927, 1929 and 1931.  His third round at the 1922 British Open is included as one of the 25 greatest rounds of golf ever played (Guinness Book of Golf Records Facts and Champions).  His third round score was 69 and was only the third round of golf that had been shot under 70 in British Open history.  Mitchell was an English Professional golfer.  Mitchell was intended to be Great Britain’s first Ryder Cup player-captain in 1927 but due to an appendicitis attack he could not make the trip to the United States.  He did go on to play on Great Britain’s Ryder Cup team in 1929, 1931 and 1933. Either signature is desirable on its own but to find them together is unusual.  A great pair of signatures…279.00


75 [WARNER BROTHERS AND TWEETY BIRD].  Limited edition enamel and brass Tweedy Bird pin that is accompanied by a custom lithograph.  Produced exclusively for the Warner Brothers Studio and issued in 1999.  Comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity (#393/1500).  The piece is still in the original frame and comes with the sealed certificate from Warner Brothers…sold


76 HARRY S. TRUMAN (President) 1884-1972. One-page typed letter signed on the imprinted stationery of the United States Senate.  The letter is dated June 3, 1937 and in part reads:  I am trying to make arrangements to see the Governor. I don’t know just when it will be but I will let you know when the visit takes place.  The letter has been superbly tripled matted using conservation materials and techniques.  The letter is displayed with a front cover from the magazine, Holiday (March, 1950) that features an image of The Presidents House in Independence during winter.  This is one of the nicest and most attractive matted combinations that I have seen in some time and would make a superb display piece. The letter shows the normal folds; otherwise, it is in fine condition. The overall size is approximately 22x30.  A shipping charge of $30.00 will be added due to the size.  This would make a wonderful display in any setting…sold

77 AL DAVIS (Oakland Raiders) 1929-2011.  16x20 color SIGNED PHOTO showing Davis on the football field.  The color photo has been framed in Raiders motif and makes a superb display.  Signed photos of Davis are quite scarce and this is the first 16x20 signed photo that I have seen…sold


78 [HARRY S. TRUMAN] (President) Original UNSIGNED “Copy of Western Union Telegram” sent by Truman on June 18, 1937 to C.R. Kammerer of St. Louis, Missouri. Truman writes: Suggest that you personally call on the Governor STOP He is inclined to be very friendly to you. Harry S. Truman United States Senator.  There  is some foxing and minor loss of paper on the edges but the content is far from the edges and the paper loss could easily be matted out…sold

79 ROGER MARIS, YOGI BERRA, JOE DIMAGGIO AND BILLY MARTIN (Yankee Baseball players).  Superb 11x14 color signed photo framed and ready for display.  A simply superb display piece and a great group of signatures…sold


80 JOE DIMAGGIO (Baseball Hall of Fame) 1914-1999. 24x30 signed lithograph by well known sports artist, John Martin.  This signed lithograph is numbered and signed by both DiMaggio and Martin…650.00





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